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Dec 07, 2014Under Attack
May 20, 2014Brush with the Law
May 19, 2014Dinosaurs
May 18, 2014Fly Tipping
Mar 04, 2014Hope for the Best
Mar 03, 2014When in Rome
Feb 08, 2014EyePhone
Feb 06, 2014General Relativity
Feb 06, 2014Dirtbag
Feb 06, 2014Dock Your Pay
Feb 06, 2014Couch Potato


Dec 04, 2014Space Games
Sep 27, 2014Animal Mathemetism
Mar 17, 2014Inflation
Mar 06, 2014Heisenberg
Feb 26, 2014Coordinate Systems
Feb 15, 2014Entropy
Feb 08, 2014Eigenvalues
Feb 07, 2014Bovinian Motion
Feb 06, 2014Tensor Calculus
Feb 06, 2014General Relativity

Fun Things to Do At Parties


Dec 16, 2014Rainy Days
Sep 26, 2014Terminal Velocity
Jun 27, 2014General Erection
Jun 26, 2014Self Centred
Jun 19, 2014Lend Me Your Ears
Mar 18, 2014Where are we?
Mar 16, 2014Connectedness
Mar 01, 2014Tooth Fairy
Feb 28, 2014Ordinarily Amazing
Feb 27, 2014Through the Ages
Feb 23, 2014The Future Is Now
Feb 22, 2014SkyWatch™
Feb 18, 2014A True World Hero
Feb 14, 2014A Girl and her Dog
Feb 11, 2014Rice²
Feb 10, 2014Robot Revolution

Don't Feed the Worms


Dec 17, 2015BB8 Christmas
Dec 14, 2015Christmas Chick
Dec 11, 2015Narwhal

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Dec 30DFtW 2: Early Bird
Dec 29DFtW 1: Breakfast in Bed
Dec 16Rainy Days
Dec 7Under Attack
Dec 4Space Games
Oct 3Aleph Dating
Sep 27Animal Mathemetism
Sep 26Terminal Velocity
Jun 27General Erection
Jun 26Self Centred
Jun 19Lend Me Your Ears
May 20Brush with the Law
May 19Dinosaurs
May 18Fly Tipping
Mar 18Where are we?
Mar 17Inflation
Mar 16Connectedness
Mar 6Heisenberg
Mar 4Hope for the Best
Mar 3When in Rome
Mar 1Tooth Fairy
Feb 28Ordinarily Amazing
Feb 27Through the Ages
Feb 26Coordinate Systems
Feb 25Paranormal Activity
Feb 24The Perfect Fashion Accessory
Feb 23The Future Is Now
Feb 22SkyWatch™
Feb 21The Great Vacuum of Space
Feb 19Programming Flowchart
Feb 18A True World Hero
Feb 17Differences in Disciplines
Feb 15Entropy
Feb 14A Girl and her Dog
Feb 13Songs About Scientists
Feb 12Fun Things To Do At Parties #2
Feb 11Rice²
Feb 10Robot Revolution
Feb 8Fun Things to Do At Parties #1
Feb 8EyePhone
Feb 8Eigenvalues
Feb 7Bovinian Motion
Feb 6Tensor Calculus
Feb 6General Relativity
Feb 6Dirtbag
Feb 6Dock Your Pay
Feb 6Couch Potato
Feb 6Barking Up The Wong Tree
Feb 6Every Dog Has Its Day
Feb 6Hung Like A Horse



The guy with a body

Comics: 29
Recent Appearance: Rainy Days
First Appearance: Hung Like A Horse


Comics: 15
Recent Appearance: Aleph Dating
First Appearance: Fun Things to Do At Parties #1


Comics: 9
Recent Appearance: Rainy Days
First Appearance: Rice²


Comics: 6
Recent Appearance: Animal Mathemetism
First Appearance: Every Dog Has Its Day


Comics: 4
Recent Appearance: Dinosaurs
First Appearance: Entropy


The guy without a body (stickman)

Comics: 2
Recent Appearance: Tensor Calculus
First Appearance: General Relativity

Jerry the Worm

Comics: 2
Recent Appearance: DFtW 2: Early Bird
First Appearance: DFtW 1: Breakfast in Bed


Comics: 1
Only Appearance: Hung Like A Horse

Melinda the Worm

Comics: 1
Only Appearance: DFtW 2: Early Bird


Comics: 1
Only Appearance: BB8 Christmas